Baby Pink tulle vintage dress

Baby Pink tulle vintage dress 

I can’t remember not having an appreciation for old things. I used to go digging in old dumps with my grandmother when I was a child, the thrill of the treasure hunt has been in my blood ever since I can remember. You should join me and my friends at, Great deals, treasures and lots of fun!! 🙂  read what some of my friends have wrote about their selling/buying experience at OLA   Xoxo Thanks for reading my blog!!

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MetzyMom,I buy and sell at (aka ) and I love it there. I am a Founding Member there, which means I get a Free Store for Life and I will NEVER pay more than $8 a month in my lifetime to be a member (plus a lot of other perks, but those were huge to me). Remember when some sites were inexpensive to list on? For $8 a month, EVERY SELLER (whether you are a Basic Member, Charter Member, or Founding Member), we get to list as many items as we want. We pay no listing fees. We pay no final value fees. We choose how our customers will pay us (PP, GCO, RME, Checks, MO’s, etc… any way YOU choose). We run our businesses the way we choose, not the way some site chooses for us. Feedback is a two-way street. We get 4 free pictures (that enlarge for free) with every listing. We do as much (or as little) advertising as we like. We list what we like. We price the way we like. We choose our own postage and shipping companies. At, you do things the same way you would in a regular brick and mortar store! It’s awesome!



I SELL ON OLA!! Draggon Tagger’s Cave! Lots of great sellers there and very friendly too! And it’s only 8 bucks a month period! No listing, Final value or hidden fees and most sellers only charge ACTUAL SHIPPING! Not the blown out of proportion charges like other sites. List all you want for that $8 a month and the only extra you will pay is for enhancements that you choose! You can have up to 4 pictures FREE in your listings too! Lots of bonuses there! I won’t sell anywhere else! Come look us up! I’m

From the TruTv show Big Brian the Fortune Seller!  Anna the jewelry expert

“I love it here at,” says letsplaytagsales, a founding member, “it has been a pleasure selling here. There’s really less stress than anywhere else I have sold before. I have been selling on this site since August, of this year; but I have been selling online for over 10 years. I once was running four sites on my own at the same auction house.

I started selling online to make money and support my family since I was going through hard times and needed to find something to do besides retail which is exactly what I do…I own a retail store, sell costume jewelry and at the same time I was going through a divorce with no child support, I had to sell online. At first, I began making some big money on eBay and that helped me a lot by keeping my store alive and taking care of my four kids.

Now I have found this great site and I love it here! Ebay did not do the right thing by me and even with as much money as I was paying for fees, they didn’t care…and you know what? Neither did I because I knew I could make it anywhere.
So eBay lost the best seller they had. So, here I am, and as happy as can be with My love is buying and selling. I enjoy not only the selling and the buying but meeting the people and knowing the history of the people. When I know that I have helped someone in need by buying an item from them, it makes me happier to know I helped them.

Soon, I’ll be on a TV reality show preview in February! It’s on TRUTV as a tag sale seller…a really great fun show that will be on once a week, 1 hr. a week nationwide. I am very excited about this and will be finding many more goodies to bring on to sell. On creating a great store on … I feel that just a happy colorful honest place to shop is the answer, doesn’t have to be fancy, just happy and inviting.” Anna Dray   Feed back 2116  See Anna live on TV Dray   Feed back 2116  See Anna live on TV

Black Alligator made in France purchased on

Black Alligator made in France purchased on

Melissa,    feed back 1221

A 50-year old Lake Stevens, Wash., resident, who sold items on eBay for nine years, says she left the auction giant for a smaller auction site over customer service issues. “If you e-mailed a question, it would take days to get an answer back and lots of times it was just an automated response,” she says. Another former eBay seller, Jennie Westcott of Marshalltown, Iowa, expressed a similar view and wound up going to a smaller site,, where “you can dial the number and, boom, you have people” not computer crap where you have to deal with ring-around-the-rosy stuff.”


Laura DaGoddess

Are you a seller on there? We have been using EBay for a very long time, but since they started charging final fees on SHIPPING!! We quit them. In fact, they owe us money due to a non-payer and are forcing us to use it instead of crediting our PP account. EBay has turned to absolute Sh**.…They sound almost too good to be true. Tell me about this.


Elizabeth Metz

Laura, I have been a Business Owner at since leaving eBay February of 2008. I have never, not once, regretted that move. I feel like I am a part of a family, a family who cares… a family who helps me to succeed… a family who understands me… On the business end, I love owning my own store on OLA. When I was at the Bay, I “thought” I was a store owner… but I wasn’t’. I was more a “renter” because I had to follow their rules, their guidelines, their policies… I couldn’t believe it when I realized that THEIR policies overrode my own! That isn’t a business owner that is a renter. Now, at, I actually OWN and RUN my own business. I decide what to sell. I decide what kinds of payment choices to offer. I decide and enforce my own policies. I decide whether free shipping is appropriate or not. No one pressuring me to run my business their way versus my way. AND NO MORE FEES! Do you have any idea what kind of peace of mind I get not worrying each month if I will sell enough to pay my freaking fees? At, I know exactly how much it will cost me to maintain my store every month: $8.00. That’s it. Eight Bucks. As a Founding Member, I pay once a year ($96.00) and am guaranteed that rate for life. I could go on and on about how wonderful is… how wonderful they’ve been to me… how wonderful they are to every one of their members… but I guess I should leave something for everyone else to post…. lol…


OLA is the best place to be!! I was on the ‘bay to start and quit when the top seller program was so unfair to small sellers. After complaining, they finally made me a top seller but I still quit because they were censoring my “About me” page! I have now been with OLA for over a year and I LOVE it there!! No extra fees, no wondering if I’m going to make top seller or not, no SHARING my profit with the company!! I am a founding member and I have a store for $96.00 a YEAR!!!! How’s that??  Anyway, I have over 900 listings at the present time. Do I pay more? NO!! We have great fun, contests; people at OLA help each other because we want everyone to succeed!! So come on over and check us out!! You will be glad you did!! 🙂


Kim Lockridge

I’m really fed up with EBay, been selling on there for 12 years. But how are the sales on OLA? Do they have a large amount of buyers or does most the stuff sit and not sell? I’ve tried a couple other venues but the sales just didn’t compare. I would love to leave EBay though….


Elizabeth Metz

Kim, there is no doubt that eBay remains the most highly trafficked site for auctions, but percentage wise, we’re right there with them. If you are willing to promote yourself (and I’ll help you… we all will) and use proper SEO techniques (again, I’ll help you… we all will), you too can compete with eBay. I’ve been doing far better than I did at eBay for years. I’m currently recovering from surgeries, and still have one left to go, plus I’m changing products that I make and sell, so I’m not doing much right now… I’m just starting to regroup and get going again, but trust me, you do the work, and you’ll reap the benefits. It’s up to YOU how well you will do at OLA. You will literally get out of it what you put into it. Honestly, all it takes is following proper SEO Techniques (Score 4 and Expose Your Store is a “How To” in chat and it’s free to everyone), and a little Social Networking (OLA Chat Forum, Facebook, Twitter, Team Blog). I’ve got advertising and promotion down to 10 minutes a day and can show you how!

Swiss 18K

Elizabeth Metz

For those of you thinking about joining Why not try it out for 6 months? 6 months will cost you $48. For $48 bucks, you get unlimited listings, no listing or final value fees, and enough help from the Staff and Members to choke a horse… why not try it out? You could go less time, but I seriously think a 6 month commitment is the minimum to establish and show your full potential as a store owner. Personally, I signed up for the Founding Membership right off the bat. My initial start-up as a Founding Member was less than half of what my final month at eBay cost me in fees. I gave myself a year… and it paid off. Why not give it a try? You just have to believe in yourself… I did and I have never been happier! Is it scary to leave the Bay? Sure it is! But you can do it! Make it less painful by selling on both for a couple weeks… that will give you time (and self-confidence) to get your OLA House off the ground and running!!!


Renee Ola

While I work for OLA can only reiterate what has been said. We have created affordable memberships for every budget. While the Founding Membership is the best offer, you can try OLA for as little as $8.00 a month! Most eBay sellers pay that in fees with just a listing. At OLA you truly get to run YOUR business YOUR WAY. Aside from NO listing fees and NO final value fees, you can accept any form of payment you wish to. If anyone has any questions you can contact me here on FB, or call our toll-free # where you can get live assistance! 800-900-2828 – You can also register for free on OLA, and visit our chat rooms and ask questions directly with sellers using OLA. We have some of the nicest people in our OLA community!

Prays 1909ventilo

Anna Dray

They say the other place is like an addiction…and yes maybe it was to many of us and some of us..Trying to get out of the addiction so badly that it almost feels impossible to do, fear out of not making money elsewhere. But the problem is..That other place makes you scared to leave and you don’t know why..Even though the fees are disgusting, the way they treat sellers is terrible, the feedback system is horrible..So there should be no excuses to leave that place for a place OLA.COM that will feel better with no Fee’s to worry about except for a monthly fee, becoming a family and having a real place to call home..Where you can sell and feel happy about it..No stress! A few people who i convinced to finally join were afraid to but did it..Afraid people wouldn’t buy, wouldn’t see the items or whatever the fear is..They finally came to OLA.COM. Of course if you wean yourself off of something bad like the other place, it’s confusing, but don’t let it be, make it just as easy as it was the first time you found that other place. And make OLA.COM the place you will start a nice clean slate.Im sure you will be so happy you did. Trust me, i am..And I’m not going anywhere else.

Sue Swallow

We joined in February 2008 and it’s the best place for online sellers! You can get help from the sellers in the chat forums but best of all you can get live customer support.
Best move we ever made!

Madeline Roberts  feedback 432


I have been with OLA for years; wouldn’t sell anywhere else. They are the greatest. You need to try for yourself.

Anna Dray

Don’t be scared to leave something BAD for SOMETHING GREAT! How can you go wrong for THE BEST..OLA.COM..COME JOIN!!

Sharon Mae Halat


Anna Dray

One of my friends said. But it’s confusing! What’s so confusing about it? You find OLA.COM you learn it, you sell, you buy, the best customer service..Like i have said before, it’s like the party dance floor, who gets up to dance first. Then others will follow and it becomes one big party..You learn step by step.  I have 2 Houses on OLA and I LOVE IT there! The people are amazing! The setup is so totally easy to understand! The atmosphere is relaxed and fun! I feel like I belong to a large, friendly family too! Just imagine a huge dinner table with tons of chairs all filled with the members of OLA sitting down to enjoy a home cooked meal and sharing their events of the day! THAT IS WHAT OLA IS TO ME! No matter what you need, what you are looking for….And what is missing in your life..OLA will fill that void! It is not only a selling venue. ITS HOME! I have NEVER felt like that with EBay or anywhere else for that matter..OLA IS HOME!

Valerie Swank Trautman

This is what David Caldwell Director of OLA has to say: As a director of OLA, I can offer a few of my own personal feelings that I have acquired through these last years, I deal with antiques on every level as a buyer, seller, appraiser and am around many people in this trade, the thing I have notice the most is, when OLA first started, we had so much to offer people that I thought it would happen fast, I was wrong. When I was first with people of the trade I would hand out cards to help people get on line, the acceptance was very low, and you could tell that people didn’t believe what I was informing them about the site, now when there is a group of people that I am with, they want cards for them, their families, and their neighbors. OLA’s Acceptance Now Is 100%


Jo Ann Cathey-Rasi

I left the other place for a number of reasons. One of them being they owe me $84.95 for double charging me one month. They said Yes we owe you BUT we are not going to put the money back in PayPal. I told them to kiss off. I found OLA within one week, and signed up within the hour after checking them out. I was welcomed by other members as if they knew me for years, and I needed help and got it from them without calling the service line for OLA. That’s great to me. Once I did have to call the office and I talked to a real person who actually answered the phone and helped me with the problem. It was someone who is not a member of OLA trying to rip me off. If you are at eBay tell me how long you wait before you get to talk to someone only to be put on hold and then hung up on. It was 1 hr. and 47 min for me. I am glad that happened because it sent me to the bestselling place to be ever. I own my store and nobody tells me what to do with it. If a buyer is not being fair, OLA stands behind the seller if they are right. DOES EBAY DO THAT FOR YOU? If you are honest you will say no-no listing fees, no final value fees, you pay only $8.00 a month and can list up to 8,000 items. Automatic relisting at no charge. I joined as a founding member and my fee will be the same for my life. Now I searched the internet for other sites so I could get rid of the ripping me off. I still have not gotten my funds back from eBay but now I do not care. I love OLA and the ease of listing, the friends I’ve made there and I will not sell anyplace else. At OLA “WE ARE FAMILY” seems to be the motto. OLA ROCKS


Joyce Randall Ola has just about everything I have dealt in jewelry for years and have made a lot of good buys on the site OLA Rocks!!!!!

Melissa Snell

After 9 years at eBay, I left too. I’ve been at OLA for 2 1/2 years and have nearly as many positive feedbacks as I did at …that place… after 9 long years and a TON more money. I’ve met the very nicest, most generous caring people at OLA. I’ve gotten phones calls from the staff and owner, and even a surprise gift! There are contests, games, and lots of goodwill in the Chat Rooms, and many of my cyber-seller friends have become my good friends in “real” life now! I would recommend to ANYONE, and encourage “newbies” to get to know everyone… there is always so much valuable information shared by OLA members. LOVE it there!!! 🙂

Jennie Vibbard Westcott  feedback 2227

I have been with OLA since 2007 after leaving thE-bay when things started getting strange! I haven’t regretted it one bit! At least at OLA YOU run your business, JUST YOU! You have the support you need when you need it too! We fight fraud at OLA but WE ALL fight it! You’re not alone in the battle, PLUS any time you have questions, just ask! There’s ALWAYS someone there to help! REAL PEOPLE TOO! Not automated services. I can’t imagine selling anywhere else either! My feedback after 4 years is WAY better at OLA than it ever would have been at thE-bay. Like I said, I can’t imagine selling anywhere else! I LOVE OLA!


I didn’t make the video, I think it’s really great, that’s why I posted it! Thanks for all comments; our users are our “family”. My husband and I founded the company, I thought my post might be considered a little biased …lol. Our sellers helped build our site, our company, and our beliefs we never want to lose sight of that!

Jo Ann Cathey-Rasi   feedback 378

Valerie, thanks to you and Chris for making this available to anyone who wants to have their own store and run their own store as such a reasonable set price with no hidden cost such as listing fees, final value fees and relisting fees. I love the easy to use format and the freedom I have on OLA to do things my way and the support I get from friends I have made there and also from OLA staff. Keep up the work. I do not care that you not make the video, just want to thank you for sharing it. OLA ROCKS and so do you and your staff1953SchwinnPantherBicycle

Cheryl Meinke   OLA member since 2008

The Terrific Tuesday contest is fun, join in. OLA has much more personal contact than its competitors, good friends and lots of help available when you need it.

Amy ClarkDelfttray

Oh, yes and sign-ups are going on NOW!!! Just go to the chats!! And I get to host the Scavenger Hunt this month!! So come on over and get involved!!!!

Susan Brahm Czysz  feedback 325

Scavenger Hunts are AWESOME on OLA! The prize is amazing! $100 in auction credit upgrades! C’mon over people! Sign up to join the best family on the web! We have other cool games too! We also have the annual Secret Santa sign ups going on right now too! Allot going on in our family! What are you waiting for??


Read more:,8599,2037970,00.html#ixzz1AlIb9K8o


A former eBay powerseller and now president of, says eBay’s strategy to serve its biggest buyers and sellers and shut out the little guys is short-sighted. “It’s senseless because those are the guys that built you,”
Read more:,8599,2037970,00.html#ixzz1AlIb9K8o


Supergrannys Treasures…..

Bette Davis says “Old age ain’t no place for sissies.” So let me enjoy life and laugh….dance, sing, wear funny clothes and different color socks and hope that I don’t wear my underwear on top of my pants or on my head.

I’m tired of thinking let’s all go find the best bargains on the NET…CLICK HERE for Online Auction. It’s going to be a wonderful holiday season. Enjoy!

Supergrannys Treasures feedback 1071